ALCAPARRAS ASENSIO SANCHEZ, S.L. was founded in Almendricos, Murcia, in the 1970s by Pedro Asensio Sanchez, who took over the family business, launched in around 1930 by his grandfather, Pedro Sanchez Perez, an active and renowned businessman in the area in several different activities, including the sale of capers, taking advantage of the company's location in one of Spain's largest caper-producing regions. It was Pedro Asensio Sanchez who boosted the growth of the business, creating a new factory and developing exclusive technology for the processing of capers, focused on the international market. As a result, we operate in over 35 countries.

At present, the company is run by the fourth generation, and the business has been gradually adapted to the new times, expanding business into Morocco and Turkey, where it implements all of its experience through alliances with industrial partners to obtain a wide variety of quality Mediterranean products, which are ultimately processed and sold from the headquarters in Spain.

Our facilities have a production area of 14,000 m2 and 20,000 metres for storage and conservation. Alcaparras Asensio Sanchez, s.l employs modern and exclusive technology in its productive processes, based on international quality and food safety standards such as IFS, HAPPCC, BIO, KHOSER, along with internal quality processes.

Despite its background in capers and caper berries, the company complements its product line with a wide range of appetizers that suit the most demanding needs, including quality products such as garlic cloves, green pepper, red chillies, button onions, gherkins and olives.